Hi I'm Michael,


For as long as I can remember I’ve loved communicating visually and telling stories with images. It’s what compelled me to study Graphic Design at university. I discovered that photography provided the purest medium to communicate the stories within and around me. In 2008, following several years of working in the advertising industry, I transitioned into full-time photography. Weddings became my favourite inspiration, giving me scope to document real stories in a genuine and creative way that felt natural to me.


My endeavour is to blend into the wedding environment while ensuring that my couples, as well as those that surround them, feel completely relaxed. In doing so, allow the moments to flow. Conversations, emotions and movements become natural and unforced. My promise is to capture each moment authentically while bringing the discipline of design and my creative sensibility into every composition.


To be part of such a special day and be entrusted with capturing incredibly important moments is a wonderful privilege. It’s an amazing feeling to create a unique set of images that will be relived, loved and shared forever.


Human, professional and artist – it fulfils on all levels.

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