The Blues Train

I was recently commissioned to shoot on The Blues Train for their new branding and website (developed by One Rabbit). If you haven’t heard about The Blues Train, you’re missing out. It’s a unique entertainment experience overseen by a charismatic gentleman named Hugo and his team.

Your incredible Blues Train evening begins with a buffet dinner at the historic Queenscliff railway station, followed by an unforgettable musical journey on a steam train rattling along to Drysdale and back. All the while, you’re treated to exceptionally talented blues musicians playing live on board.

There are four themed carriages, each with a different act – a solo, a duo, a trio and a full band, that play an intimate set for each group on each carriage.

Along the line there are three stops for rest and refreshments, where each group re-boards the train on a different carriage to experience the various acts. It’s a brilliant concept that delivers a colourful feast for your eyes and your ears.

Often when I’m on the job, I’m taken out of the moment, as I focus intensely on getting the shot, but on The Blues Train I couldn’t help but be lured in by the visceral experience; the combination of a moving train and funky blues music was truly intoxicating.

For an experience like no other, I highly recommend a night on The Blues Train.

Music credit: “Skinny White Boy” by Jimi Hocking

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